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4th July 2007


We arrived home safely last Saturday.  After finishing our tour with Colin on June 6 we drove back to Port-en-Besin which you kindly organised for us at the Ibis -many thanks for that.  We enjoyed it so much we ended up staying a further night and then returned there the following week for another two nights as Rod still had "further investigations" (and visits to many museums) to make.  From Port-en-Besen we returned to La Fiere for the parachute drop as Colin suggested.  Well, it was really great and we thought the expedition worthwhile!.. even though we trudged for 50 minutes in pouring rain through fields and along muddy roads.  When we eventually arrived the rain stopped, there was some blue sky, the clouds parted, the paratroopers dropped and we had the best time, squashed in standing on the bridge where we had stood with Colin previously.  After the event we started our long trek back to the car.. down came the rain again.  We will always remember that special day for more than one reason!
We did travel down to Limoges through the magnificent countryside to Mt. Gargon (we walked to the very top and what magnificent views!) and also paid our respects to Violette Zabo.  Took a photo of where Colin had told Rod Violette clambered up the hill to the house.  (Photo coming for confirmation.)Saw the prison also.  Made it to Orodour sur Glane which was unbelievable to say the least.  I was even more saddened to see a man there who it appeared to me must have lost a family member or friend there on that fateful day.

Travelled through Fallaise gap also.
Colin, as requested I am sending you the photo you took of the four of us at Mont St Michel and some other photos which you are welcome to use on your web page if you wish. During our month of travelling around France - battlefields and beaches - I have taken over 1,000 photos.
We had the most wonderful time with Colin as well as our return visits to the areas previously covered with him both this year and last.  Rod is ecstatic with the further knowledge he has gained from his trips with Colin and now has his head back in his books every night piecing everything together.
 I will send shortly by post a USB stick which has a small selection of photos from the D-day celebrations and some others which may be of interest.
Best wishes to you all and thank you once again for everything.


Jenny and Rod

1 -  LISA MACPHERSEN   Qld Australia
       A great day that fullfilled my expectations and catered for my needs

2- ROSS DOUGLAS  nsw australia
    Very interesting and informative day full of stories about the great war, be happy to recommend Cobbers Tours to any of my friends

3- ROB NEEDHAM nsw Australia
    Colin is excellent, his history and amazing knowledge plus the delivery of WW1 and what it means to Australian visitors, thanks for a fabulous day will most certainly recommend you to others

4-   GRAHAM SPURWAY nsw Australia
      We both enjoyed the tour , information given by Colin really brought the battlefields to life for us , very moving experience

    This was the 2nd time that Collie SHS has engaged the services of Colin Gillard and Cobbers Tours , our tour was a fantastic experience for all the students and adults ,  nothing was too much trouble and the tour was tailored to suit our requirments and interests , I intend to return in 2011 with another group and look forward to a long and fruitful association
WA Collie senior high school

   As a former history head teacher , Iknew so much of the overall battle and strategies but Colin took us to so many places that a text book & video cannot , I'll always remember seeing the site of the christmas truce! the mass graves and the new work at Fromelles .  I will speak in part in NSW  about this trip and a relation to Banstown , Colin was able to meet our requirements without fuss ! an excellent guide and an expert on the war ! A great job lest we forget